Hold on partner...put away that tablespoon and grab the scoop!   The Gold Cube is ready to turn tons of concentrates into ounces in minutes...not days.  

The Gold Cube is a small enough to fit into the trunk of your car.  With a battery (not included) and a small 12 volt pump you're ready to take on the beach,
the creeks,  tailings piles, or just use it to clean up
your concentrates. 

The Gold Cube consists of stacking trays made of LDPE (low density polyethylene) indestructable plastic as thick as a cutting board and with about the same footprint!  A basic Gold Cube consists of 1 slick plate, and two concentrator trays, but add as many trays as you like, depending on your specific needs and location, it's totally up to you.
3 Stack Deluxe

4 Stack Basic

3 Stack Basic

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3-Stack Deluxe


4-Stack Deluxe

4 Stack Deluxe